Video Recap: Retaining Online Shoppers When Lockdowns Lift

When international lockdowns were announced last year, online shopping quickly went from a convenience to a lifeline. eCommerce was already accelerating, but for many industries, COVID threw gasoline on the fire.

Now, as more Americans get vaccinated and stay-at-home orders lift, many merchants are asking the same question: how do I hold onto my new customers? This week, Noticed teamed up with 3 mission-based brands to answer it.

If you missed our “Power Hour” panel: no you didn’t. Tune in below to hear top retention marketing tips from Noticed, Nuun Hydration, Codex Beauty, and Kind Laundry, including:

  • How to compete with the best of brick and mortar
  • Creating experiences and community online
  • Advanced loyalty + subscription strategies
  • Retaining and rewarding without excessive discounts
  • And more!