New Year, New Checkout Upgrade

Unpacking Shopify’s latest upgrade features and how to roll it out.

“Looks like you need to upgrade your online checkout.”

From time to time, Shopify launches checkout updates to its stores, most recently on January 20th. And while it is not an issue for most non-Plus merchants, it can be nerve-wracking if you have customized checkout functionality and don’t want to see your effort and money go down the drain. While there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution and every custom checkout is a little bit different, we have a couple of tips worth keeping in mind when dealing with this upgrade to your store.

First of All, What Am I Actually Getting?

Discount Liquid Variables

  • checkout.cart_level_discount_applications — returns a list of any currently applied discounts
  • line_item.final_line_price — returns combined price of all items in one cart line (discounted price x quantity)
  • line_item.total_discount — returns the total amount of all discounts applied to a line item

These can all be used to clarify how customers’ cart totals are being calculated without doing the math yourself. Implementing these variables is typically completed by a Shopify developer — so we recommend reaching out before trying these at home.

Arrive App On Desktop

Preparations for Order Editing

These changes will be present once an order has been edited and requires additional payment

  • The Complete Purchase button will now be Pay Now
  • The Total field will now be Amount To Pay
  • The breadcrumb information will now show a collapsible banner detailing the latest updates to the order.

The above list captures only a few of the changes, so we’ll be keeping an eye out as we get closer to Order Editing launching to see how it’s going to look on existing checkouts. We suggest you do the same!

Accessibility Improvements

Placeholder Strings Removed

3D Secure Authentication

Additional Google Analytics

Error Messaging

Got It. Anything Else I Need to Know?

Preview, Preview, Preview

Test Everything

Don’t Publish at a Busy Time


If there is one major takeaway from these updates, it is that Shopify is trying very hard to streamline aspects of the store that users have found issues with, but it’s not all going to come at once. These updates range from “this is going to show up and you have to do nothing” to “you’re going to have to change how your store is run if you use this feature now” and everything in between.

If the changes above seem daunting or you’d like to talk to us at Noticed about how these changes can work in your store, please reach out! Chat with us on our website or shoot us a message at

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