Launch Lessons: Takeaways from 4 eCommerce Redesigns

Té Company

The Brand: Té Company is a New York-based tea purveyor with an online tea room and a West Village brick-and-mortar. Run by a husband-and-wife duo, the brand curates premium looseleaf — like rare Taiwanese oolong — and brings it stateside.

The Challenge: There was nothing glaringly “wrong” with Té Company’s existing Shopify store. But their current template and in-house website management had taken them as far as they could go. To expand their online product offerings and scale their business, it was time to make a change.

The Solution: It was plain to us that Té Company’s outdated website template was holding them back. One of the first steps in their redesign was carefully selecting a theme that could grow with them and allow them to expand their product offerings along the way. Their new theme features a megamenu, tag filtering on collection pages, recommended products and a sticky Add-to-Cart section.

The Takeaway: The enemy of success is complacency; if your successful site has reached a plateau, it may be time to bring in outside support.

Sew Trendy

The Brand: Sew Trendy helps photographers and moms-to-be create one-of-a-kind looks for maternity photoshoots. In addition to a selection of ready-to-wear gowns, the brand offers the ability to customize one to fit your vision.

The Challenge: Sew Trendy’s original product detail pages (PDPs) featured endless options to customize each gown, but the variants lacked visuals and product descriptions were difficult to find. In addition to confusing customers, the brand became inundated with complicated requests that slowed down order processing. Meanwhile, the low-touch customization process inadvertently encouraged photographers to Whitelabel Sew Trendy’s gowns as original creations.

The Solution: Creating a new forum for complex gown customizations, Noticed designed a Custom Gown Builder and request form that alleviated everyone’s issues. The new PDPs features cleaner and clearer product pages that mothers-to-be can navigate with ease. Meanwhile, artists can now preview their creations, and Sew Trendy gained a tool to take ownership of their brand.

The Takeaway: When it comes to custom, sometimes less is more.

Custom Cable Connection

The Brand: Custom Cable Connection is a one-stop-shop for custom audio and video cables, hardware, and adapters.

The Challenge: Some websites just don’t require a ton of bells and whistles, and that’s certainly the case for Custom Cable Connection. But for a straightforward product like theirs, purchasing decisions aren’t driven by culture or brand loyalty. Price and are important to be sure, but above all else, their store had to be reliable, responsive, and easy to use. On Magento 1, that simply wasn’t the case.

The Solution: By migrating from Magento to Shopify, Custom Cable Connection got all the perks that come along with it: higher uptime, more security, and greater flexibility to scale. For more info on how they compare, check out our article on The Case For Switching From Magento To Shopify Plus.

The Takeaway: Make it simple, make it work, make it Shopify.


The Brand: Jofit is a women’s fashion company that designs beautifully-tailored golf, tennis, and fitness gear.

The Challenge: Jofit may be a brand for the modern woman, but in many ways, their online store was stuck in the past. Not only was it visually outdated, but living on Magento I, their security was no longer up to par. As the company scaled, they also had difficulty managing their inventory. Finally, we discovered an interesting trend: as Jofit’s audience matured, the company began noticing an uncommonly high percentage of traffic coming from tablets — something their site was not optimized to accommodate.

The Solution: The Noticed team redesigned to be not just beautiful, but responsive on any device. Migrating to Shopify put their security concerns in the past, while adding “Magic”, a new inventory management system, gave them an easier way to manage products.

The Takeaway: Keep up with the times; customers of every age can appreciate a safe, responsive, and easy-to-use shopping experience.

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