Email + Optimization = eCommerce Conversions

This summer, we teamed up with Klaviyo to share some insider knowledge: the (not-so-secret) secret to marketing campaigns that convert? Making sure your website is set up for success.

No matter how many visitors your online store receives, it means nothing if it’s not set up to close the deal. Strong email + website synchrony are crucial to controlling your full customer journey, and simply put, that’s what this webinar is designed to help you accomplish.

Even if you missed the event, we want to help you align your marketing and website efforts, increasing conversions and growing your business. We encourage you to check out the webinar recording, or keep reading for 3 of the top takeaways.

1. CRO Turns Marketing Clicks Into Customers

Conversion Rate Optimization —aka CRO — is the practice of increasing the percentage of site visitors that make a purchase. CRO can give you a better understanding of your customers’ wants and needs, lower acquisition costs, help you make data-based decisions, and give your eCommerce business a competitive edge. It can include anything from adding Quick View to streamlining PDPs, but at the end of the day, a successful marketing strategy should always include ongoing CRO because it makes your traffic exponentially more valuable.

Quick View for Ignite International

2. Earn your clicks, and make them count.

Every purchase starts with a click, so it makes sense that marketers obsess over improving their click-through-rate.

In an email, always lead with your strongest call-out (the “A-spot”), diversify with a selection of B-spots, and make it easy for readers to jump straight to shoppable product pages.

Continuing the journey on your website, aim for a seamless transition from your CTA to your onsite experience. The customer journey from email click to completed checkout should require as few clicks and pages as possible, and landing pages should always be immediately shoppable.

This Whimsy Rose email campaign features straightforward and diverse selection of ways to shop.

3. We Get Buys with a Little Help from Our Friends

Optimization doesn’t just turn a click into a customer — it can help you turn a customer into a fan.

The eCommerce sales funnel is uniquely cyclical, so for most brands and products, a purchase is not the end of a sales cycle. Whether you manufacture coffee, CBD, or jewelry, there’s usually an opportunity for repeat purchases — if you know how to nurture them.

With Klaviyo’s insights, you can determine when a customer might need to replenish your product, or build a campaign encouraging a related upsells based on previous purchases. Meanwhile, a whole ecosystem of Shopify apps have emerged to help you nurture repeat purchases, whether through loyalty programs, referrals, or subscriptions.

The bottom line? To grow your business, think long term and pick partners who can help you do it. We’ve got you at

Swanky Badger has found success through their customer loyalty program

Wrapping Up

We’ve all heard the warnings against “working in silos.” It affects communication, productivity, and in some cases, revenue.

By aligning your marketing goals, messaging, and experience with the website that marketing drives traffic to, you’ll be set up for exponentially greater eCommerce success.

Not sure where to start? Maybe we can lend a fresh perspective. Shoot us an email at and we’ll help you identify any blind spots in your marketing or CRO strategy.

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