When international lockdowns were announced last year, online shopping quickly went from a convenience to a lifeline. eCommerce was already accelerating, but for many industries, COVID threw gasoline on the fire.

Now, as more Americans get vaccinated and stay-at-home orders lift, many merchants are asking the same question: how do I hold onto my new customers? This week, Noticed teamed up with 3 mission-based brands to answer it.

If you missed our “Power Hour” panel: no you didn’t. Tune in below to hear top retention marketing tips from Noticed, Nuun Hydration, Codex Beauty, and Kind Laundry, including:

Catching Your Customer’s Eye in 41 Characters or Less

By: Retention Marketing Specialist Dominique DiNardo

Top-selling product? You’ve got it! Amazing graphics? Ready to go! Catchy copy and alluring CTAs? On it! List of customers who are totally engaged with your brand? Locked and loaded!

Your beautifully-crafted email is ready to launch. Now, all you need to do is…

We’re one month into 2021, and while there’s still plenty of questions relating to public health and politics, we can say one thing with confidence: the online shopping boom is here to stay. Following the rapid expansion of eCommerce after COVID hit, early-stage adoption is leveling out and giving way…

This summer, we teamed up with Klaviyo to share some insider knowledge: the (not-so-secret) secret to marketing campaigns that convert? Making sure your website is set up for success.

No matter how many visitors your online store receives, it means nothing if it’s not set up to close the deal…

Announcing SMS

There’s a lot to love about SMS marketing…a 26x return on your investment, for one. A 45-day free Postscript trial, for another. Curious? Get more info on SMS marketing here.

Author: Olivia Greene

We want you to have the resources to make the best choice for your business, so we’re laying out the details on what a Shopify Plus store can do that a regular Shopify store can’t. …

A blank white screen. It sits there for longer than is comfortable when you open your site in the browser. Why is it taking so long to see anything?

If you’ve experienced this on your Shopify site, your theme likely has inefficient Liquid code in it that needs some optimizing…

Unpacking Shopify’s latest upgrade features and how to roll it out.

“Looks like you need to upgrade your online checkout.”

Just what you want to hear as a Shopify merchant who relies on an efficient checkout funnel for your business to thrive.

From time to time, Shopify launches checkout updates to its stores, most recently on January 20th. And while it is not an issue for most non-Plus merchants, it…

Scenes from 2019

It’s been a big year for us here in Philadelphia. From our team to our revenue, we’ve made some major #gains in 2019. But we have to give credit where credit is due…

As we look back on our biggest year to date, we want to share the success with all of you — our partners, clients, and colleagues. Cheers to an amazing year, everyone, and we can’t wait to see what 2020 holds!

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look back at all we’ve accomplished this year:

Té Company

The Brand: Té Company is a New York-based tea purveyor with an online tea room and a West Village brick-and-mortar. Run by a husband-and-wife duo, the brand curates premium looseleaf — like rare Taiwanese oolong — and brings it stateside.

The Challenge: There was nothing glaringly “wrong” with Té Company’s…


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